Be daring.

Be different.


We all have an innate need to belong – to be seen, valued, and accepted for who we are. 


If you’ve ever experienced the pain of being an “outsider,” or endured the isolation of rejection because you were different, then you’ll feel right at home here. 


Take a moment to imagine a world where “being different” is celebrated, you’re honored for your uniqueness, and you’re not pressured to conform in order to be accepted. 


I’m a busy mom of three, twin boys, William and Harrison, age seven and my daughter Sloane who is 2. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. 


After graduating from Harvard, I began my career working at a nonprofit, earned my Masters in Political Science, and I’ve held sales roles at several tech companies. I’m a certified instructor in Positive Parenting. As a Red Cross aid worker, both in the wake of the Sri Lankan tsunami, and after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, I witnessed how life can change in the blink of an eye.


Almost ten years ago, my world shifted when I was afflicted with Bell’s Palsy. My face was paralyzed and unlike many who suffer from the condition, I was only able to recover a small amount of movement. I found it difficult to adjust.


People treated me differently, and not always in a good way.


As a mom, I see this happen all the time. When kids are different, they are not treated the same as other children.


I believe all people should be loved and accepted just as they are. That’s why I wrote Ack: The Nanducket Duckling.  


Set on the island of Nanducket, living in shame and fear, Ack was a little duck with a very big problem. The story of Ack’s struggle with self-doubt and his bravery (plus the empowering love of his mother) is sure to uplift you.


If you want to be inspired and you desire to share a message of acceptance and empowerment (while banishing the stigma of “being different”), that’s what Ack: The Nantucket Duckling is all about.  


In a competitive world full of striving and stress, join us at Nanducket where we are starting a quiet revolution of acceptance, bravery, and empowerment for our children and ourselves.  


My mission is to help people – especially kids – celebrate their differences, feel empowered to be daring, and to use their strengths to help others.

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