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Say Hello to Ack, the Nantucket Duckling

On the island of Nantucket lived a little duckling with a big problem. Ack is afraid to march in the annual Duckling Parade.  Will he be laughed at because his beak is so different?  Or will he find a way to avoid the Parade before it's too late?

Even in this time of stress and

uncertainty, we hope Ack's positive

message of love and inclusiveness

brings a little joy into the hearts of

those you love.

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"A sweet tale with a strong moral about appreciating differences."

An Enchanting Tale about a Very Special Duckling

Ack: The Nantucket Duckling is a celebration of unconditional love and self acceptance. You’ll be inspired as Ack learns to stop hiding his differences and embraces his uniqueness as his gift to share with the world. Ack’s transformation from timid, self-doubting duckling to courageous, heart warming hero encourages us all and is sure to uplift your spirit and become a favorite for those you love.

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Nanducket is the publisher and official
home of Ack! The Nantucket Duckling

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Let someone special know you're thinking of them.

We've put together a fun coloring activity featuring our friend Ack.  Print it, color it, and send a very important message to someone you care about.

The Real Story of the Nantucket Duckling Parade

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The real story of the Nantucket ducklings began with Paul McCarthy, a Nantucket native and master woodcarver whose work is visible today in signs and other work throughout the island.  Mr. McCarthy lived on the island and had his workshop on Orange Street, close by a tidal marsh, fed by freshwater springs, which was home to a large duck population.  The ducks would march across the street to visit Mr. McCarthy, who welcomed them into his yard and fed them.  At times, hundreds of ducks would visit Mr. McCarthy.  The part of the street where the ducks crossed was marked with a sign – “Duck Crossing” – and it became an island landmark. Over 25 years, Mr. McCarthy got to know each and every beak– Scruffy, Clammy, Alice, Ralph, Likes to Walk, Peg Leg, and many more.  Today, while Mr. McCarthy has moved off island, the sign remains.  And if you’re lucky enough to be there at the right time, you might even see the annual Duckling Parade.

What People are
Saying about Ack


in Sterling, VA

My children loved the story of Ack the Nantucket duckling, and learned a valuable lesson - we should be proud of our differences. With its captivating illustrations and engaging plot, this book will certainly be read repeatedly.


in Boston, MA

It's a wonderful book, but more importantly it contains a really positive message that I want to pass on to my grandchildren.


in Lynchburg, VA

Ack is the hero every child needs. Reading this book with my child prompted so many important discussions about staying true to yourself - all while the sweet story and engaging art kept my child enthralled.

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