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At Nanducket, we imagine a world where kids were never bullied or pressured to conform in order to be accepted. That's the message behind the book that inspired our label, Ack! The Nantucket Duckling – a sweet story that encourages a world that is welcoming, curious, and thoughtful, and where bullying is rejected.

That story, written by our founder and CEO, has also inspired us to create the ACK Club, where members make a promise to take a stand against bullying:

The ACK Club Promise

I will never be a bully;

they tease, and hurt, and lie.


I will never think it’s funny,

making other people cry.


I promise to be a buddy

to all the kids I see.


Making friends is better,

so a buddy is what I’ll be.*

We encourage you to encourage your kids to make the Promise. And be sure to register on this page to receive a free ACK Club membership patch once they do.

About Nanducket

At Nanducket, we create timeless classics with a modern twist, made from comfortable, wearable fabrics and designed with passionate attention to detail. Our mission is to redefine cool for a new generation, teaching kids to love themselves and always appreciate and include others, no matter what.


A portion of our profits go to fund educational programs through our partnership with Stomp Out Bullying. Together, we hope to build a world where all children feel safe and know they are loved just as they are. Together, we waddle in kindness.

* Pledge by Sandy Toes Teaching, teacherspayteachers.com