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Introducing Ack,

the Nantucket Duckling


Ack: The Nantucket Duckling is a book that celebrates unconditional love and self-acceptance.  You’ll be inspired as Ack learns to stop hiding his differences and embraces his uniqueness as his gift to share with the world.  His transformation from timid, self-doubting duckling to courageous, heart warming hero is sure to uplift your spirit and become a favorite for those you love.

"A sweet tale with a strong moral about appreciating differences."

"This book is just too adorable.... I have been gifting it to all my friends and family with young children."

Nantucket Magazine

Be daring. Be different. Be you.


At Nanducket, we're inspired by Ack's story.  So we're building a brand where we celebrate our differences, and everyone is always welcome. 

About the Duck

From a certain perspective, the shape of the island of Nantucket, a beautiful haven off the coast of Cape Cod, looks a lot like a duck.  And so a map of the island became the inspiration for the Nanducket brand.  And of course, it only made sense that we would name the hero of our book — a young duckling — after Nantucket’s famous airport, ACK.


At Nanducket, we believe in a quiet revolution of acceptance, bravery, and empowerment for our children and ourselves. When you wear the duck, you're wearing a symbol of love and acceptance for all.

Come waddle with us!

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