• A.K. Spurway

Celebrate National Ack Day!

On September 8, 2020, Ack, a lovable duck, was born the protagonist of a new children’s book, Ack! The Nantucket Duckling.

Ack was embraced by young kids who admire and appreciate the book’s message of accepting those who are different, resisting bullying, and embracing self-love.

The award-winning, critically-acclaimed book quickly rose up Amazon’s best-seller charts, alongside other classics with powerful, timeless messages.

The story revolves around a little yellow duck who is treated differently by everyone because his beak doesn’t look or quack like the others. He is ostracized and feels misunderstood. But one day, he ends up coming to the rescue of a boy who is about to collide with a bicyclist. Because of his heroics, the town embraces Ack and he learns to love himself just the way he is.

On the anniversary of Ack’s birth, I would like to officially declare every September 8th as National Ack Day.

What does this day mean, you wonder? It is a special day, coinciding with the return to school for tens of millions of kids, to introduce to - or remind kids of -- the following principles

embodied by the lovable and adorable Ack:

  • One’s body shape or feature does not define who we are.

  • Being different is really being normal.

  • Accept others as they are and embrace diversity.

  • Stand up against anyone who is a bully to anyone.

  • Love yourself no matter what.

How can you celebrate National Ack Day?

  • Donate your time and money to non-profits that support anti-bullying efforts or organizations that support diversity.

  • Live by, share, and practice the values and principles that Ack embodies.

  • Read Ack! to your children and their classmates — again and again.

  • Post about Ack and what he stands for on social media platforms.

Ack reminds us to believe in ourselves. He is the every child who needs love and support — and who wants to contribute to society. Many of us are like Ack. It is time to accept and honor what makes each of us different and unique, instead of using what shapes us to bully and divide people.

Perhaps we should hug and echo the words Ack’s mother says to her heroic duckling: “You’re brave and special, but most important, you’re not afraid to be yourself. Always remember, you are loved just as you are.”

Please celebrate National Ack Day on September 8th!

A.K. Spurway, certified in Positive Parenting, is a mom of three young children. She is the founder and CEO of, an empowering family lifestyle company, and the best-selling author of Ack! The Nantucket Duckling. Her mission is to help inspire kids to celebrate their differences, so they grow up in a kinder world that’s more inclusive, diverse, and rejects bullying.

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