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Nanducket Announces Official Release of Ack! The Nantucket Duckling

Award-winning Children’s Book Now Available on Amazon in Hardcover and Kindle Versions


September 8, 2020


New York, NY -- Nanducket today announced the launch of Ack! The Nantucket Duckling, available in hardcover and Kindle versions on Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), and directly at www.nanducket.com. Ack: The Nantucket Duckling is a children’s book that celebrates unconditional love and self-acceptance, and addresses important issues like bullying and inclusivity. The book is a Gold recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award for excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services.


The book is written by first-time author A.K. Spurway, who saw the need to engage with children at a young age to encourage them to embrace their own differences and accept others for who they are. Celebrating differences helps to educate and unify us, promotes empathy, self-confidence, and inclusion, and reduces prejudice. Children who learn these lessons from a young age are more likely to be happier and successful as they mature.


"We are all humans. We all have differences. We should be respectful of others regardless," said A.K. Spurway. "Children are exposed constantly to the divisiveness that's happening in the world and this story is a good way to teach them that there's a better way."


The story is the inspiration for a unique apparel brand, Nantucket, that Spurway is developing --  “a brand where we celebrate our differences, and everyone is always welcome”. 


For the month of September, a portion of all book proceeds sold on www.nanducket.com will be donated to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, which is committed to supporting young people and empowering them to create a kinder, braver world.


About Ack! The Nantucket Duckling


On the island of Nantucket lived a little duckling with a big problem. Ack is afraid to march in the annual Duckling Parade.  Will he be laughed at because his beak is so different?  Or will he find a way to avoid the Parade before it's too late?


Ack’s story is particularly resonant and powerful in these challenging times. ​It’s an inspirational tale, as Ack learns to stop hiding his differences and embraces his uniqueness as his gift to share with the world.  Ack’s transformation from timid, self-doubting duckling to courageous, heart warming hero is sure to uplift your spirit and his positive message of love and inclusiveness will bring a little joy into the hearts of any reader.


The book is beautifully illustrated in full color by recognized English illustrator Jacqueline East, and captures the spirit and unique character of the beautiful island of Nantucket.


Ack! The Nantucket Duckling is available in hardcover (ISBN: 978-1-7340101-0-7; $15.99) and as an ebook (ISBN: 978-1-7340101-1-4; $2.99).


For more information or to order, please visit www.nanducket.com/ack.


About A.K. Spurway

After graduating from Harvard, Spurway began her career working at a nonprofit, earned a Masters in Political Science, and has held sales roles at several tech companies. She is a certified instructor in Positive Parenting. In 2004, she was diagnosed with a condition that changed her appearance and the movement of her facial expressions. Adjusting to a new normal wasn’t easy, but it hasn’t stopped her from doing the things she cares about most. Volunteering with the Red Cross in the aftermath of the Sri Lankan tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, Spurway learned that life can change in an instant, and every day is a gift. She is a busy mom of three, twin boys, William and Harrison, age eight and a daughter, Sloane, who is three. This is her first book and it’s dedicated to celebrating everything that’s special about each of us.


About Nanducket

At Nanducket, we believe in a quiet revolution of acceptance, bravery, and empowerment for our children and ourselves. We’re building a unique apparel brand to support this mission. When you wear our duck logo, you're wearing a symbol of love and acceptance for all. “Come as you are, we want you here.”


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